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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Lakewood · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
OVIWELL LLC 1904 S CARR ST, Lakewood, CO 80227, US ZASIL OVIEDO 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Colorado Land And Tree LLC 12699 W. Dakota Ave., Apt. 15B, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Saks Photography LLC 2268 S Beech Way, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Oskar Saks 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Green Onions Condo LLC 11036 W. 26th Pl., Lakewood, CO 80215, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
NTYNS Properties LLC 565 Dover St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Zachery Baker 2020-11-30 Good Standing
RAGAMUFFIN DRIVING, LLC 2671 S MOORE DR APT 108, Lakewood, CO 80227, US DAVID L CURRIE 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Payable Solutions LLC 10250 W Exposition Dr, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Jennifer French 2020-11-30 Good Standing
KCollins LLC 9570 W Eureka Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Kevin F Collins 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Dream Lite LLC 7830 W ALAMEDA AVE, STE 103 PMB 250, Lakewood, CO 80226, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
MONOELEGANCY INC. 13949 W COLFAX AVECO 80401, Lakewood, CO 80401, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
NG Investments 3 LLC 2057 S Moss St, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Tyler Joseph Graeve 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Integrity Asset Services Inc. 14143 Denver West Parkway, Suite 109, Lakewood, CO 80401, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Entrepreneur Contracts LLC 215 S Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 230, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Steven Alexander Paysinger 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Invest4You LLC 604 S Carr St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US 2020-11-30 Good Standing
Flanagan Group LLC 5450 W Mexico Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Annette Flanagan 2020-11-30 Good Standing
FCU Investments, LLC 330 Holly St, Denver, CO 80220, US Uriel Salcedo 2020-11-29 Good Standing
FCU Basil Docs Northside, LLC 2630 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211, US Uriel Salcedo 2020-11-29 Good Standing
Moon Dance 2159 Bell Ct., Lakewood, CO 80215, US Abigail Harkey 2020-11-29 Good Standing
NRO Services LLC 8695 W Tennessee Pl, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Nathan Robert Oldani 2020-11-29 Good Standing
Nylon Games LLC 496 S. Youngfield Ct. #106, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Bryce Francis Murphy 2020-11-29 Good Standing
Masters Elite Realty LLC 7625 W 5TH AVE 101D, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Cynthia Liliana Baquera 2020-11-29 Good Standing
Apache Holding Company, LLC 558 American Way, Breckenridge, CO 80424, US 2020-11-29 Good Standing
Moraitis LLC 2341 S Harlan Ct, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Thimy Moraitis 2020-11-28 Good Standing
Lady Bears' Basketball Booster Club 9800 W Dartmouth Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Kelin Catherine Clement 2020-11-27 Good Standing
Jorosa Corp. 1455 Ammons St. #106, Lakewood, CO 80214, US John Sawyer 2020-11-27 Good Standing
Global Dynasty Vending LLC 85 S Union Blvd Apt 395, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-27 Good Standing
MJW Rentals LLC 13787 W. Amherst Way, Lakewood, CO 80228-4969, US Michael John Warner 2020-11-27 Good Standing
Bespoke Companies, LLC. 355 S. Teller Street, Suite 200, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Michael Craig Gerali 2020-11-26 Good Standing
Xinblack Entertainment Ltd. 326 wright st, Apt 106, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-25 Good Standing
737 Aviation 8500 West 3rd Place, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Michael Eugene Sloan 2020-11-25 Good Standing
Denver Alumnae Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta 10695 West 17th Ave, #247, Lakewood, CO 80215, US 2020-11-25 Good Standing
Truss Mentorship, LLC 1302 S. Cape Way, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Emily G. Padly 2020-11-25 Good Standing
Rooted in Joy Flower Co., LLC 1282 S. Eaton Street, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Courtney Hooven 2020-11-25 Good Standing
Winbrooke Real Estate One LLC 7975 W. Mississippi Ave., Lakewood, CO 80226, US John Milton Kinvig 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Winbrooke Real Estate Three LLC 7975 W Mississippi Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, US John Milton Kinvig 2020-11-24 Good Standing
ISELAS LLC 9955 W. 20th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215, US ANISSA ULIBARRI 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Lil Stiffy Racing LLC 2447 South Cole Way, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Kadies Cleaning LLC 7428 W 10th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Kadie Lee Seeger 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Ticasuk Ltd 1087 S. Owen Ct, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Karen Mighell 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Stetsonian Ltd. 1471 AMES ST, Lakewood, CO 80214, US 2020-11-24 Good Standing
DDS Associates of Colorado, PC 255 Union Blvd., Suite 410, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Yates Properites LLC 98 Wadsworth Blvd, Unit 127 - 7061, Lakewood, CO 80212, US Brooke Pablo 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Pristine Property Manangement, LLC 10090 W 26th Avenue, #100, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Dale B Gibbs Jr. 2020-11-24 Good Standing
5C, INC 10091 W WESLEY PL, Lakewood, CO 80227, US CUONG D NGUYEN 2020-11-24 Good Standing
FRM CONSTRUCTION LLC 6775 W 19 TH PL APT 201, Lakewood, CO 80214, US FILEMON MACIAS 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Veritas Men's Clinic LLC 215 Union Blvd, Suite 320, Lakewood, CO 80228, US James David Thomas 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Biker Girl, LLC 12700 W. Idaho Drive, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Nicole M. Linne 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Tiny Bros Apparel 1040 s Cody st, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Laurann Smith 2020-11-24 Good Standing
A & C Comforts L.L.C. 294 S Newland St., Lakewood, CO 80226, US Alyssa Lynn Connell 2020-11-24 Good Standing
Elevation EPIC, LLC 635 Brentwood St, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Michelle Belsher 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Potion Spa & Beauty LLC 6425 W. Arizona Ave., Lakewood, CO 80232, US 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Love and Light 45 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246, US James Garrick 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Lakewood Garage Door Repair 3030 Quail St, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Michel Lonard Sr. 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Mile High Steam Clean LLC 1890 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80215, US M Ewers Christopher 2020-11-23 Good Standing
AM2 Home Services 2047 S Gray Dr, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Ana E McKinley 2020-11-23 Good Standing
AmeriGhana LLC 6687 W Adriatic Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Peter Jordan 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Victory Print Design 2099 Wadsworth Blvd, Unit C, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Christina Manalastas 2020-11-23 Good Standing
KPCO Holdings, LLC 1649 S Deframe St, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Keith Parker 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Marshall Gardens, LLC 13701 W Jewell Ave, Ste. 200-28, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Dan McCabe 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Dynasty Industries PO box 280629, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Alexis Dynasty valentine 2020-11-23 Good Standing
Notable Property Solutions LLC 1155 S Eaton Court, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Seth Mendoza 2020-11-22 Good Standing
RA Virtual 3960 S Wadsworth Blvd, Apt. 307, Lakewood, CO 80235, US Roxanne April Tomlinson 2020-11-21 Good Standing
Clearwater Counseling and Wellness, LLC 1956 SOUTH SWADLEY STREET, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Leah M Sadeghi 2020-11-21 Good Standing
DiMasiFab LLC 1522 Teller Street, Lakewood, CO 80214, US 2020-11-21 Good Standing
It Takes Two! Limited 1867 Independence St, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Sarah Corinne Denny 2020-11-21 Good Standing
Reyna Jean Passion Photography 9728 W Cornell Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Reyna Jean Valdez 2020-11-21 Good Standing
Colorado peoples press 14405 West colfax Ave #146, Lakewood, CO 80401, US Benjamin L Evans III 2020-11-21 Good Standing
DANDT Enterprise LLC 7514 West Louisiana Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Diana Leigh Herrero 2020-11-21 Good Standing
Huntington Clinical Research Consulting, LLC 11250 W 27th Pl, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Martha F Huntington 2020-11-21 Good Standing
Smile Works LLC 1925 Dudley St, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Katie Steele 2020-11-20 Good Standing
5250 W 38th Ave 910 S Coors Drive, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Jennifer Lauren Lopez 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Sarah Vamvakas Marketing 519 Wright St., #202, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Sarah Vamvakas 2020-11-20 Good Standing
1340 Zenobia LLC 651 GARRISON ST 150B, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Keith Gallegos 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Monique Tatum LLC 10425 W 13 PL, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Monique Tatum 2020-11-20 Good Standing
A Way Thru, Inc. 10555 W. 18th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Andrew Syed 2020-11-20 Good Standing
MRW SNOW REMOVAL LLC 6515 W Mississippi Place, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Michael Wickersheim 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Libansky Manor, LLC 935 S BUTLER WAY, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Natalie Marie Libansky 2020-11-20 Good Standing
AJE Structures LLC 2522 S. Kendrick St., Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-11-20 Good Standing
AS SMOKERS LLC 7135 W COLFAX AVE, Lakewood, CO 80214, US ABRAHAM GEBRU 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Precision Arborist, LLC 7865 W. 9th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80214, US Burke Gilbertson 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Quantum Solar Systems LLC 1975 S HARLAN CT, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Daniel Terrance Passarelli 2020-11-20 Good Standing
VVEBUY INC 98 WADSWORTH BLVD #127-3222, Lakewood, CO 80226, US JIE YANG 2020-11-20 Good Standing
Endpoint Electrical Solutions 835 Lewis Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Dustin Blake Lightsey 2020-11-20 Good Standing
IRON TM INC 7951 W MISSISSIPPI AVE, Lakewood, CO 80226, US WENYAN BI 2020-11-19 Good Standing
Stylist Direct LLC 300 Union Blvd Suite 600, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Ben Jones 2020-11-19 Good Standing
Outer Chi Inner Chi LLC 6909 W. 25th Pl, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Ana Theresa Cladny 2020-11-19 Good Standing
Kumar Industries LLC 1632 S Valentine Ct, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Kaleb Kumar Chhabra 2020-11-19 Good Standing
HT Real Estate Investment 9085 W Virginia Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Hiep Ngoc Nguyen 2020-11-19 Good Standing
TCL Institute of Colorado 13125 W. Mississippi Court, Suite 301, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Paula R Cannon Gable 2020-11-19 Good Standing
Houghton Financial Group 825 Simms St, Lakewood, CO 80401, US Scott Wayne Houghton 2020-11-19 Good Standing
G&C Custom Prints Ltd. 5940 W ATLANTIC DR, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Claudia Huizar 2020-11-19 Good Standing
Primal Womxn 8040 W 16th Pl, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Kelly Schexnaildre 2020-11-18 Good Standing
Madison Colangelo, LLC 90 S. Cody Ct., Lakewood, CO 80226, US Madison Nicole Colangelo 2020-11-18 Good Standing
JB, LLC 11760 W. 26th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215, US Jeanne M Bergquist 2020-11-18 Good Standing
ENRI L Construction LLC 1710 Pierce st # 406, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Leonardo Enriquez 2020-11-18 Good Standing
Curley Insurance Agency LLC 3609 S. Wadsworth Blvd, 118b, Lakewood, CO 80235, US Joshua J Curley 2020-11-18 Good Standing
Innovation Theory LLC 8488 West Dartmouth Place, Lakewood, CO 80227-4707, US 2020-11-18 Voluntarily Dissolved
Five Lakes Investments, LLC 12467 W 16th Pl, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Phillip Cushing 2020-11-18 Good Standing
Yeti Solar 950 Depew Street, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Andrew C Torres 2020-11-18 Good Standing
VSmith Investors LLC. 293 So Hoyt St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Veronique R Smith 2020-11-18 Good Standing